The Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana Chapter services 125 counties with three offices in Louisville, KY; Lexington, KY, and Evansville, IN.

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The Alzheimer’s Association is the largest national voluntary health organization dedicated to conquering Alzheimer’s disease and consists of a network of local chapters throughout the country.


The Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association provides service and education to 125 counties across greater Kentucky and southern Indiana. Over 5 million Americans are living with the disease and more than 90,000 of them reside in our service territory. Services provided include education programs for persons with dementia, caregivers, professionals and the general community as well as support groups and a 24/7 Helpline. Further, the Chapter advocates at the state and national level of government for research and support services on behalf of the people of Kentucky who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Meet Your 2024 Alzheimer’s Impact Board

At the Alzheimer’s Association, our mission is guided by the impact the disease has on our lives; leading the way to end Alzheimer’s and all other dementia through research, risk reduction, and care and support. To do that, we need our community. In this section, you’ll meet our Board Members who joined our organization to make an impact. Everyone has a reason, a motive for their actions; their “why“, as we call it. We asked our leadership team to share theirs with the community.

***To be noted: This page will be updated with additional board members, not yet listed

Nicki Whitmire, Board Chair

Nicki Whitmire, Board Chair has been part of the Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association as a board member for 12 years. Whitmire is the Vice President of Human Resources and Support Services at the Kentucky Farm Bureau, where’s she’s been working for nearly 25 years. Whitmire’s dedication to her craft and community has been an asset to our organization; we are grateful to have her passion for our mission.

My why is my grandmother. She was the most amazing lady and the rock for my family. Watching her live with this disease and the journey for our family is my passion for enhancing treatments and ultimately finding a cure.” – Nicki Whitmire

Daniel Briscoe, Board Member

Daniel Briscoe is a lively conversationalist, who makes everyone around him energized and invested to learn more about his passion. He’s shared his journey with dementia as the Louisville Walk Ambassador family, talked about the struggles on local TV, too. Briscoe helped his mother, Ellen Marie Briscoe every step of the way until her passing at 64; just five years after her early onset diagnosis. Briscoe says his fight to end this disease is rooted in what’s missing: his mother. His why is not having “the kindest woman” he will ever know, know her own grandkids.

Alzheimer’s is a dreadful, dreadful disease. It takes more than a persons life, it takes their identity — you watch the person you love change, and slowly (or sometimes quickly) drive over the horizon, never to return to you. It is something I hope no one ever experiences, and its something I work everyday to help make sure fewer people ever will.” – Daniel Briscoe

Justin Keeton, Board Member

Justin Keeton is a dedicated Board Member for our organization, who believes in our vision to live in a world without Alzheimer’s and all other dementia. Representing Messer Construction as the Louisville Region Operations Vice President, Keeton finds the importance of fundraising and bringing awareness to our community to fight the disease. His “why” is the impact the disease has had on his family.

Kelly Davenport, Board Member

From an early age, my Mom inspired me to give back to my community. Today, I’m volunteering in memory of my Mom, who had vascular dementia. Experiencing a loved one’s life, personality and memories fade was heartbreaking for me and my family. Navigating caregiving and her physical decline as the disease progressed was beyond challenging. I’m volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association to bring awareness to early detection in hopes of slowing the progression of the disease and to help other families.” – Kelly Davenport

Kelly Davenport has been involved with the organization for years and has taken the time to step up and be a leader. Davenport points and shoots her camera to catch the world around her while working at UPS (and has been for 24-years) currently in Business Development. In between her passion for photography and building on business, she’s donating her time to show the world around her, the spark that lives within her.

Vanessa Williams – Harvey, Board Member

A lifetime Louisvillian, and a lifetime impact from dementia; Vanessa Williams-Harvey is a committed board member who shares her passion everywhere she goes. Williams-Harvey, shares our mission throughout her days as a Nurse, but not only helping her patients, but her family, and community, too. Her impact has helped us connect with more people, and bring awareness to the disease she’s written a book about.

Although our family lacked control over many things that were happening around us, we eventually learned that we did have control in how we would emerge from the ordeal.” said Williams-Harvey in her book, “I Remember“.

Sophia Sawaya, Board Member

Sophia Sawaya, a young professional has found her voice by sharing her story. Sawaya started with our organization as a volunteer, then knew she could do more to educate people. She became an advocate, helping to educate our lawmakers on what she and her father have gone through since her mother’s diagnosis with younger onset Alzheimer’s. Her dynamic spirit hasn’t wavered, despite the arduous journey her mother continue to battle. Instead, she’s channeled the passion for the mission to keep fighting for her mother.

My mom suffers from younger onset Alzheimer’s and has been fighting this disease for 16 years. What we expected and understood of the disease is not what we have seen at all. We have had to watch Alzheimer’s strip away the vibrant, brilliant, Greek woman we know my mom to be. It is a disease that is not just encompassed with lapses of memory and periods of confusion, but one that changes and takes away your loved one right in front of your eyes. I am passionate to advocate for her and all of those who have lost their voice to this disease.” – Sophia Sawaya

Lucas Bremer, Board Member

My why is because I have witnessed firsthand the financial devastation that Alzheimer’s and Dementia causes to family’s hard-earned legacies.  Watching the amount of financial resources Alzheimer’s patients and their families must exhaust to access proper care was a large reason I became a financial advisor so I can aid clients in planning and navigating a major life event like Alzheimer’s & Dementia.” – Lucas Bremer

Lucas Bremer has been a dedicated helping hand to our organization, even before serving on the board for our local chapter. Bremer has worked with our staff in various ways, like advocating to Kentucky’s lawmakers in an effort to make positive changes impacting families. Leading him to finding his career passion by helping families who’ve worked hard for what they have – before the disease took hold.


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